How online classes will help score well in CBSE exams.

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How online classes will help score well in CBSE exams.

How online classes will help score well in CBSE exams

CBSE examinations are one of the most important milestones for students as each exam builds a foundation for further studies and aspirations of a student. Throughout the year, students should have a planned routine for studies with appropriate material and guidance so that they are not burdened. To maintain the consistency in hard work and zeal to perform to better in every exam, a student must understand her own study style and build a learning system accordingly.

While in school there is a set methodology of training to meet the understanding levels/learning speeds of the majority, understanding concepts might be a troublesome for few; a few might need some repetitions, and some would need revisions. Thus, an additional dimension to learning would help better the learning outcomes for a student. This is where Online classes step up.

Online classes enable a teacher and a student to create their own learning space flexible to individual learning requirements. Personal attention and instant feedback are facilitated with online classes effectively to help a child understand better and score well in exams.

Why do online classes and online learning platforms help score better?

Some reasons why online classes help a student to score better are:

1. Personal Attention

The impact of group learning in a school environment can never be undervalued.But every child learns and understands differently and hence some amount of personal attention is required. With online classes this becomes possible as the classes are either one to one or limited to a small group. A student gets a chance to express her doubts without any hesitation and hence build up a strong foundation for conceptual understanding. Online classes features like “raise hand” or chat help a child to ask question and helps a teacher to understand the learning gaps in a student, if any.  

2. Study when you like  

Every individual is defined by his habits and habits are unique to each individual. The same goes for studying habits. Some students are early risers while some are night owls, for some students videos work the best while for some it is the teacher. This learning flexibility is possible with online learning platforms. Also, the recorded sessions help a student to learn and act as a reference and thus allow studying anytime and anywhere.

3. Mentor Support  

Scoring better or performing improvement is largely dependent on the right guidance and proper assistance. In a class of more than 50, it is difficult for teachers to deal with each student exclusively and so she may unwillingly fail to encourage and assist students on individual levels. But with online learning platforms students can get in touch with the best teachers across the globe and gain knowledge. Also, some apps like GENEO – An online learning platform have features like “Ask a Mentor” to support students to interact with mentors individually and clear their doubts and acts as direct gateway to favorite mentors

4. Practice. Practice. Practice

Practice is the only key for a student to score well in exams and remember the concepts for longer duration. Different online classes’ platform provides online practice tests to empower a student to evaluate their preparations for exams.

So, in order to score well in CBSE exams it is important for student to have a personalized learning path and the convenience to learn at her own pace. Apps like Geneo are helping students to improve their performance with features like AI guided learning, Maths practice engine, live classes, and Mentor support.

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