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Learning that is fun, simplified and immersive

We believe that schools and teachers can do wonders with the right technology by their side. If every classroom is powered by a digital educational technology that is supported with curated content and other nifty resources, learning would be smarter and richer. Geneo for School does just that. And it is Schoolnet's mission to take it to every corner of India.

Make teaching engaging and learning exciting

Geneo for School is a comprehensive solution that makes teaching simpler and more engaging, with powerful interactive digital tools. For students, it brings every class alive with curated content and an AI enabled learning path.

The overall impact is an immersive classroom experience that results in better teaching and learning outcomes.

What you get with Geneo for School

Digitally-led Classroom and Learning Management System

For higher engagement in classrooms and smoother management.

Curriculum-aligned interactive content and digitised textbooks

Resources and tools to make every lesson an immersive experience for both teachers and students.

Learning App for Students

Geneo ensures learning continuity even after school.

Integrated teaching devices for teachers and students

Unique, proprietary device (KYAN ®) for teachers and customised devices for students (Chromebooks).

Extended support

Continuous handholding and guidance to teachers to teach more effectively.

Why Geneo for School

Single Product for Two Applications

Seamless In-school and After-school Learning

Student Learning App

To improve the grade-specific learning outcomes, it is important to recognise that every child learns differently. Geneo, based on the Constructivist and Blended approach, is a personalized and adaptive learning app that caters to each child in an AI-enabled blended learning environment.

Geneo provides multi-modal learning options to a child by combining self-paced learning with AI assisted guided learning along with the support of a virtual mentor and live tutoring. It provides curated learning content specific to each grade and mapped topic-wise to the school textbooks, so that students can follow the same curriculum as being taught in schools. Its differentiated learning strategy allows each student to learn on their customised guided learning path combining four key elements - learning, application of concepts, revision, and assessments.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Complete Online School Management In One Powerful System

The Learning Management System is a powerful 360 degree system designed to provide an uninterrupted teaching-learning ecosystem to drive quality education for students anytime, anywhere.

The LMS enables the school to administer, document, deliver content created by the teachers and track the effectiveness of the entire process by capturing the right analytics. The application has an integrated option to schedule and conduct live classes using video conferencing with a choice of software like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more.

Interactive Digital Content

Curated for K-12

Our technology-aided and activity-based solutions aim to enhance learning and collaboration even in an offline environment. It helps teachers create rich learning environments to make learning more stimulating for students. The interactive digital content is curated for K-12, through a mix of curriculum-mapped 2D and 3D multimedia modules, science videos and ExplorimentsTM - our unique, proprietary simulated virtual experiments.

Features of Geneo

Geneo is an all encompassing AI guided learning platform packed with features that help students excel in every subject, by making learning fun and immersive. With Geneo, students can learn at their own pace and find support from expert mentors 24X7, among other things.

To Facilitate Individualized and Synchronized Learning for Every Child, Built with a Nuanced Integration of Learning Sciences and Tech Vision

Digitised Textbooks

Latest NCERT textbooks in a digital format for easy access

AI Enabled Guided Learning Assistant

Artificial intelligence based technology to create a personalized learning path

Talking Assistant

A ‘ReadToMe’ function to help students learn English in an interactive manner

Ask a Mentor

Subject experts for clarifying doubts and guidance for better learning

AI Math Practice Engine

The practice engine uses the best pedagogy with machine learning to help every child master Math

Learning Videos

Animated and teacher-led videos explaining important fundamentals and concepts

Live Classes

Free Online teacher-led sessions to aid revision and problem solving

Question Papers

CBSE Class 10 Sample Question papers to prepare for Board Exam

Geneo for Teachers

Continuous Teacher Professional Development and Academic Support

Geneo for Teachers offers competency-based certified training programmes on effective use of technology in teaching and refresher courses for capacity building. It includes a dedicated app for teachers and access to resources and tools for teaching in a blended model.

Teacher Device
KYAN powered by Geneo

Hardware Devices

Take your classroom’s engagement to new levels

An all-in-one portable EdTech device designed to make teaching learning rich, engaging and efficient. Already in action in 40,000 schools. See it to believe it.

Student Device


Lightweight, efficient, cost-effective, secure, and durable devices. Shared yet personalized devices.

Built for education.

Geneo lets students explore a topic & approach it in multiple ways. It seamlessly bridges the gap between the In-school & after-school learning for a student and helps understand any concept or topic.

Ms. Kavita Sonavane
Principal The World School

Students would be benefitted the most out of a solution like Geneo. They can refer to the digitized textbooks at any point, learn via videos, revise, and assess their understanding, that too, topic wise. This pedagogical approach really helps students to build confidence.

Dr. Swapna Tiwari
Former Vice Principal
Gyanodaya Vidya Mandir

Geneo for School is a complete solution for a 360 digital transformation of the school. The perfect combination of devices, learning content and student learning app makes a complete learning system for a school and a student

Ajinkya Ambarkhane
Director Meghe group of School