How Geneo Helped a School Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

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How Geneo Helped a School Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

How Geneo Helped a School Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

The way we teach and learn in school has changed a lot over time. Innovative teaching methods can positively impact students’ engagement and improve their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of learning. To address this, Geneo has developed a learning platform that provides curated content tailored to each school grade, from class 5 up to 10. The content is mapped chapter-wise to the NCERT textbook, allowing students to follow the same curriculum being taught in school. This approach promotes better overall learning and creates a stronger conceptual foundation, enabling students to apply their learning to real-life situations and ultimately preparing them for a better life ahead. 

Creating a positive classroom environment can be difficult for teachers if their students lack interest or motivation. To tackle this issue, teachers must establish a strong relationship with their students, taking into account their individual preferences and needs. This involves developing a structured teaching plan that fosters critical thinking and achieves learning objectives. Teachers can also incorporate traditional teaching methods to keep students engaged. The Geneo learning app is an excellent resource for this purpose. Geneo offers Self-Paced Learning, AI Guided Learning, and Live Teacher-Led Learning, which empower students to learn at their own pace, strengthen conceptual understanding, and complement in-school learning. By using these approaches, teachers can boost their students’ motivation, participation, and overall academic performance.

Below are some ways to make learning engaging for students:

  • Build a foundation for new learning
  • Customize your teaching to student’s preferences
  • Classroom discussions to foster active learning 
  • Learning activities closely related to students’ interests
  • Keeping students engaged with an interactive learning environment
  • Foster competition among students
  • Regular progress updates keep students motivated

Build a foundation for new learning

David Ausubel, an educational psychologist, suggests that linking coursework to students’ prior knowledge can motivate them to learn. To identify student understanding and misconceptions, teachers can begin with open-ended and multiple-choice questions. At Geneo, we believe in using technology to make learning more engaging and exciting. ‘Geneo for School’ provides a comprehensive solution that simplifies teaching and learning with interactive digital tools and curated content. Students can follow an AI-guided learning path that brings every class to life, resulting in better learning outcomes. By linking the course with students’ prior knowledge, teachers can engage learners from the start, fill gaps in understanding, and build a course that resonates with students’ existing knowledge.

Customize your teaching to student’s preferences

To motivate disinterested students, H. Richard Milner suggests connecting course material with students’ personal interests. This can be achieved by using their areas of interest as natural motivators and incorporating them into the course outline. By doing so, students can understand the material better, retain it more effectively, and improve their attention span. One way to incorporate students’ interests is to create assignments that enable them to share their experiences with other learners. This strategy requires teachers to engage in conversations with students to learn more about their interests.

Classroom discussions to foster active learning

Encouraging learners to share experiences and events from their home can significantly increase engagement. This can be done by creating an appropriate environment for discussion and allowing learners to discuss whatever they like. The Geneo Learning App app offers features such as the Maths Practice Engine for practicing math concepts, Reading Assistant with a “ReadToMe” function for interactive English learning, digitized NCERT textbooks for easy access, expert mentor support for clearing doubts, and CBSE Class 10 sample question papers to prepare for board exams. While implementing these ideas may require extra effort, it can lead to better learning outcomes and stronger teacher-student relationships. Investing in good learning practices can benefit both teachers and students in the long run, and it’s never too late to start incorporating these techniques into teaching practices.

Learning activities closely related to students’ interests

To make students interested in learning, teachers should create activities that are relevant and valuable to them. The Geneo Learning App and Geneo for School can assist in this effort by offering a variety of resources, including interactive content and digitized textbooks aligned with the curriculum. To ensure engagement, teachers should also make sure that the activities are tailored to the students’ interests and learning preferences. By connecting the activities to students’ prior knowledge and experiences, they can better understand the relevance of what they are learning. Teachers can model the activities themselves to help students see how they can apply what they learn in real-life situations.

Keeping students engaged with an interactive learning environment

Teachers are now using technology to create an interactive and fun learning environment. This helps students to be more interested in their studies and achieve their learning objectives. Online technology has become an important tool to motivate students to learn and stay engaged in their education.

Some of the examples are the following:

  • Augmented reality
  • Blended learning
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Personalized learning
  • Video-based learning
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • Artificial intelligence in education.

Foster competition among students

To promote healthy competition among students, teachers should design challenging activities that align with their interests and knowledge level. These activities should provide feedback to students on their progress and be organized in a way that encourages participation and highlights potential rewards. This approach helps to keep students motivated and engaged in learning.

Tips for designing an effective learning activity:

  • Make it slightly challenging for the student
  • Ensure it allows students to demonstrate understanding
  • Provide feedback to help them learn

Regular progress updates keep students motivated

To help students improve their learning, it’s important to give them regular and timely feedback on their progress. This feedback should highlight both their strengths and weaknesses, and provide guidance on how to improve. If feedback is delayed, students may lose track of what they need to work on. It’s also important to provide explanations and examples to help students understand how to improve in areas where they are struggling.

Enhance learning outcomes with Geneo for School and Geneo Learning App

To create effective learning activities, teachers can consider using Geneo for School and Geneo Learning App. Geneo for School offers a digitally-led classroom and learning management system, interactive content and digitized textbooks aligned with the curriculum, a learning app for students, integrated teaching devices, and extended support for teachers. While it may require some additional effort, this approach has the potential to enhance student learning outcomes, foster stronger relationships, and increase the importance of learning. It is never too late for teachers to start incorporating these innovative tools into their teaching practices.

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