• learning platform for students


    Geneo aids self paced learning for each student which is in sync with the school curriculum. The student can read, watch videos, apply concepts, revise summaries and attempt assessments multiple times which is not possible in the traditional environment of school learning. Mentor support ensures students have access to teachers for after school learning as well. Since Geneo the best learning platform for students promotes concept level learning and helps in building strong fundamentals, students are able to answer questions objectively and don't have to mug up - this in turn helps to score well in exams.

  • learning platform for teachers


    Teachers can use the content available in Geneo to support their teaching plan. Teaching methodology becomes consistent and interesting with the use of interactive tools like Exploriments & Concept Maps. Since Geneo is mapped to the NCERT textbook, a teacher need not change the regular teaching mechanism and can follow a chapter wise teaching model. Geneo the best learning platform for teachers also helps teachers to track individual student performance, provide instant feedback and address learning gaps shown in the assessment reports.

  • learning platform for parents


    Parents can track their child's progress - topic wise anytime anywhere, which otherwise may not be possible through traditional contact points like parent teacher meeting. Parents have access to assessments which provide a true picture of the child's performance and needs for improvement.

  • learning platforms for schools


    In the new age of competitive education delivery, GENEO can help schools to create a big differentiator in their core offering by allowing easy collaboration on a virtual platform. Geneo one the best learning platforms for schools also allows a school to reap maximum benefit from its technology investments. It equips the hardware with interactive content which enhances the usage of tools like smart boards & projectors and takes the learning and teaching experience to the optimum level.

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