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E Learning Platforms: Why Geneo

A new way to learn. A new approach to education!

Geneo brings together deep learning pedagogy and cutting edge technology to create a platform that enables every student to become a better learner and make his/her learning experience more satisfying and complete.

Geneo brings together all the key stakeholders in the education ecosystem onto a single platform - students, teachers and parents collaborate to achieve common learning objectives.

Why Geneo

Conventional classroom set-ups in schools are mostly time bound, where teachers often find it difficult to cater to the varying learning needs and aptitudes of each student. Moreover the sheer number of students in each class and the need to teach as per a predefined pattern, makes it difficult to ensure thorough learning for all.

Students and parents then mostly resort to a secondary support system for studies in the form of tuitions. But even then, students struggle to cope up with two parallel course curriculums, which offer similar content but are not being taught in sync with each other. students then often end-up with half baked knowledge, shallow understanding of concepts and rote memorisation of content.

How Geneo Makes Online Learning Easy

Personalized Learning


Geneo makes the learning individualised. Each students can learn at his/her own pace, revisit topics to get a complete understanding of concepts and benefit from Geneo’s built in AI powered Learning Assistant.

Learn Anytime & Anywhere

Learn Anytime
& Anywhere

Since Geneo is an online application, students can access all of its learning content and resources from anywhere and at any time. They just need access to a mobile phone, tablet or computer to learn.

School Curriculum Mapped & Curated Learning Content

Mapped & Curated
Learning Content

Content in Geneo is mapped chapterwise to NCERT & CBSE text-books. So whatever students learn at school, they are able to re-learn with Geneo, that too with added tools and insights for improved understanding.

Expert Mentor Support

Expert Mentor

At every stage of learning with Geneo, students get access to subject experts for clarifying their doubts and guiding them to get the most out of their learning journey.

Practice & Self-Assessment

Practice & Self-

With each topic, students get practice exercises to test and further strengthen their knowledge. These also help in revisions for exam preparations.

Makes Studies Fun and Exciting

Makes Studies Fun and

The audio visual method of learning offered by Geneo is far more effective than simple textbook reading. It improves students’ critical and analytical thinking, retention and makes study time more enjoyable.