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7 Ways to Help Your Child With Class 10 Exam Stress – Geneo

Academic exams, especially class 9 and class 10 exams, are an incredibly stressful time for young teenagers. And with the Covid-19 pandemic still creating chaos, these students are being forced to adjust to constantly changing school schedules and styles of learning. While the world may be shifting on a daily basis, education remains, and with it, exams.

The stress of exams is not an uncommon sight but the circumstances during these times are different than most have ever seen. Combined with external stressors and excessive time spent indoors, teenagers are facing more stress than ever. And having a stressed teenager in the house is never a good idea.

Increased levels of stress will not only affect their mental health but will also take a toll on their physical health and overall wellbeing. That is why, as their parents, it is important for you to ensure that your child is as content and comfortable as possible during their class 9 or class 10 exams.

To aid you, we have curated a list of 7 ways to help your child with exam stress:

  1. Listen to them – Venting is one of the ways your child will try to cope with this immense amount of stress. And it is one of the best ways the let out that pent-up frustration. If your child needs to do that, let them. Sometimes, the best way to help someone is to just listen. Don’t offer advice or solutions unless they ask you. They will feel ten times better just knowing that you’re there for them.
  • Make them a study space – A separate study space is way better than a bedroom or kitchen. Students are so used to sitting in a classroom with a dedicated desk for their books and notebooks. Recreating that for them could increase their productivity and focus.
  • Help them study – Stress can be really overwhelming. Sometimes the pressure can demotivate a person. If your teenager feels overwhelmed by a particular chapter or subject, sit down next to them and help them as much as you can. If they need help memorizing something, write it down on flashcards and quiz them.
  • Motivate them to do extracurricular activities – In the middle of exam stress and the pressure to perform well, students often forget to do things that make them feel light. Encourage them to go for walks, cycle rides, spend some time with their friends, anything that might help them forget the stress for a while.
  • Allow them some time off chores – Chores are an important activity that helps children and teenagers become independent. However, they are not more important than your child’s mental health. Give them a break from chores especially during heavy exam prep.
  • Talk to them about plans after their class 10 exams – Exam stress is one thing but something that comes hand in hand is the uncertainty of the future. The biggest question that swims in a young adult’s mind, particularly during their class 10 exams is, ‘what will I do after this?’. Talk to them about their plans and give them a safe space to talk about their fears.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep schedule – Whether your child prefers to study at night or during the day, a healthy sleep schedule is one of the most important aspects of exam prep. Lack of sleep creates an unhealthy amount of stress which could lead to them falling sick. Make sure they sleep at least 7-8 hours every day.

Remember that your child is already under a lot of stress to perform and deliver, so it’s important to allow them a space that is loving, trusting, and peaceful.

If your child is having a difficult time staying focused or studying on their own, you can enroll them in an online class. One platform that offers these classes is Geneo, which provides CBSE online class 10 down to CBSE class 5.

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