Geneo is mapped to each chapter of the NCERT class textbook facilitating chapter wise online learning and teaching. Students follow the same curriculum as what is taught in the class which promotes greater after-school learning.

learn cbse class 8
Class 8

Geneo for class 8th students covers the subjects of Science, Maths and English. The CBSE based solution covers all topics outlined by the NCERT and helps students study, practice, revise and prepare well for the examination.

learn cbse class 9
Class 9

Content on the Geneo platform covers the overall learning needs of a class 9th student. Videos, Q&A based assessments & revision notes help to strengthen the student's knowledge on both theory and practical. Courses include Science, Maths and English for CBSE class 9.

learn cbse class 9
learn cbse class 10
Class 10

Being a crucial year, Geneo provides the content and tools which help students prepare for their board exams. Mentor support acts as a great feature to clarify doubts and ask questions. The syllabus covered includes the CBSE curriculum of Science, Maths and English subjects.


Learn from animations and videos curated from leading education partners.
Ask questions from teachers - available as mentors. Apply your learning in virtual labs. Practice from chapter wise questions to identify learning gaps, prepare & score well in exams.

  • Exploriments

    Learning Videos

  • Learning Videos


  • Concept maps

    Concept Maps

  • Talking Assistant

    Talking Assistant

  • Personalized Mentor Support

    Personalized Mentor Support

  • Assessments


  • Digitized Textbooks

    Digitized Textbooks

learning model LARA
Learn Teacher-Led Videos

Learning Videos
Mentor Support
Talking Assistant

Apply Exploriments 3-D Models


Revise Concept Maps

Concept Maps

Assess Assessments


The Geneo learning model is uniquely experienced by each student during his learning journey. Features available in Geneo support CBSE students in every phase of the NCERT based learning and enable them to learn & apply concepts, revise and recall topics and identify improvement areas.

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