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Your Study Buddy

NCERT & CBSE based online learning & teaching platform for classes 6,7,8,9 & 10


Learn at your own pace

An Interactive Digital Platform for Simple and Smart Learning, Geneo empowers students to study and learn as per their needs and at their own pace.

Learn at your own pace

Make your school future ready

An ed-tech solution to empower schools with technology-based online teaching-learning practices to help them function more effectively and make them future ready.

Make your school future ready

Class Appropriate Learning with Geneo

Geneo provides curated learning content specific to each school grade starting from class 6 upto 10. All learning content within Geneo is mapped chapter wise to the NCERT textbook, so that students can follow the same curriculum as being taught in school. This promotes better overall learning and creates stronger conceptual foundation.

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Learning Modes

Learning with Geneo is uniquely experienced by each student during his/her learning journey. Geneo delivers through the following learning modes -

Self Paced Learning

Self-Paced Learning

Students learn at their own convenience from the choice of content available within Geneo, they practise and take tests for self assessment and get mentor support wheneven they need it.

AI Guided Learning

AI Guided Learning

Adaptive Assessment based and Artificial Intelligence driven individualised learning path with content and practice recommendations, system-generated as per an individual’s progress.

School Led Learning

School-Led Learning

Geneo complements school learning through learn-from-home online classes, assignments and assessments to support and fortify concepts taught at school.


Geneo has been designed keeping in mind the learning needs of students. It offers a host of features to make learning simple, fun and effective.

  • Live Classes

    Free Online teacher-led sessions to aid revision and problem solving

  • Learning Videos

    Animated and teacher-led videos explaining important fundamentals and concepts

  • AI Assistant
    AI Enabled Guided
    Learning Assistant

    Artificial intelligence based technology to create a personalised learning path

  • Reading Assistant

    A “ReadToMe” function to help students learn English in an interactive manner

  • Digitised Textbooks

    Latest NCERT textbooks in a digital format for easy access

  • Personalised Mentor Support
    Expert Mentor

    Subject experts for clarifying doubts and guidance for better learning.

  • Assessments

    CBSE Class 10 Sample Question papers to prepare for Board Exams

Exploring New Horizons

Learn at your own pace

Career Counselling

Students get expert guidance in order to better understand possible career options and preparations needed for their chosen stream. This helps them focus their efforts towards a clear career goal and hence design their ideal career-path.

Make your school future ready

English Bolo

A blended learning solution to help improve English Language Speaking Skills for better career prospects. It is based on an anytime and anywhere learning model and utilises multi-sensory techniques for effective English learning.


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