Why Geneo Online Learning Platform is Better than Offline Tuition?

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Why Geneo Online Learning Platform is Better than Offline Tuition?

Why Geneo Online Learning Platform is Better than Offline Tuition?

The education sector has shifted dramatically over the last 10 years, as many students and teachers alike have embraced online learning platforms. This was especially true during the outbreak, when technology came to the forefront in assisting students cope with the pandemic and helping them continue their studies as normally as possible. Online teaching platforms also supported teachers in keeping in touch with their students and providing them quality education.

Live classes online have become a go-to place to learn concepts and questions – thanks to sites like Geneo, which offer a virtual classroom like atmosphere.

One of the leaders in education technology, Geneo, is helping schools make learning more accessible to all. They help schools create custom learning platforms that meet their needs and inspire creativity in students. Their innovations include Live Classes, Learning Videos, AI Enabled Guided Learning System, Maths Practice Engine, Digitised Textbooks, Expert Mentor Support and more, offering exciting new ways to interact with students and teachers.

Geneo has managed to maintain its position as one of the most preferred online coaching classes for students, teachers and parents. Wondering why? Well, here are the reasons!

Saves Time and Money

Geneo allows access to free online classes and free online teaching platforms during the trial period, which comes in with every app. Students can learn from the comfort and safety of their home and thus, save time and money too.

Learn from Anywhere, Anytime

Geneo offers a unique platform where students can learn at their own speed and pace. They need not follow the rigid schedules of coaching classes, and can revisit course material as many times as they need!

Access Unlimited Online Learning Resources

Geneo provide personalized, interactive and adaptive learning. Offering a vast library of learning content, Geneo’s online coaching classes make them available to students at their convenience. This has made us the preferred online learning partner for students, and ranks us among the best online course creators – be it for school education or for competitive exam prep.

Customized Learning Enviroment

Our online learning platforms help students learn what they need, when they need it. Tracking progress, and respond to the student’s pace while they learn in a personalized style. Also, the Geneo instructor guides students throughout their learning process, making sure they never get stuck.

All Subjects in One hand

Geneo’s online coaching classes offer students a one stop solution for all subjects, all classes, in one place. It is often the case that students miss out on certain subjects because they have to pay for subject-wise tuitions. Geneo is here to change that. With us, students can learn everything in one place!

Live Classes by Expert Faculty

Join us for live classes online conducted by renowned experts from the field of study. Our online high school classes are designed for students across the country and the world to live stream right to their homes. Through the use of interactive education, adaptive instruction, and cutting-edge technology, we are bringing in a wonderful learning experience for students.

Reports and Ranking

Geneo offers a performance report that gives insights on the student’s performance, areas of improvement and how they’re doing in comparison to their peers and others. Geneo provides in-depth performance reports, offer insights on the learning areas, focus areas for improvement, chapter-wise grasp, time management skills and more.

Maths Practice Engine

We are motivated by making learning fun for our students, and so, we encourage them to clarify and revise Maths concepts!

JEE & NEET Prep Along with Academics

For students preparing for IIT-JEE and NEET Geneo, allows them to attain their engineering and medical admission goals. They can crack these competitive exams with confidence, thanks to an app designed by experts who have earned multiple top rankings over the years.

Geneo is a mobile app that provides customized learning material specific to each school grade from Class 5 to Class 10. All learning content within Geneo is mapped to the NCERT curriculum, so that students can follow the same curriculum as being taught in school. By ensuring that all learning material is mapped to the curriculum, we hope to create a stronger conceptual foundation for the students to build upon in the future, resulting in better overall learning and understanding. Geneo is the present and the future of education.

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