NCERT syllabus for class 9 All subjects 2022

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NCERT syllabus for class 9 All subjects 2022

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 consists of Science, Maths, English, Social and Political Life, History, and Economics subjects 

The CBSE Class 9 syllabus is one of the most important study tools for students who are preparing for their exams. It provides a detailed outline of all the topics and concepts that will be covered in the examination.

To use the CBSE Class 9 syllabus to ace your exams, you should first understand the structure of the syllabus. This will help you identify the topics that are most important for you to study.

Table of Contents

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 – Science

Class 9th syllabus NCERT – Maths

Syllabus NCERT class 9 – History

Class 9th syllabus NCERT 2022-23 – Social and Political Life

Class 9th syllabus NCERT – Economics

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 (All subjects) 2022

Additionally, students should be aware that the NCERT syllabus for Class 9 is frequently used as the basis for questions in competitive and scholarship exams. The NCERT Class 9 curriculum flows from the study of fundamental ideas to more complex ones.

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9

Students can learn the chapter-wise syllabus of Science, Maths, English, History, Geography, Social and Political Science, and Economics in this section.

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 for Science

Science is a technological subject which has good weightage in competitive exams and entrance exams as well. Science emerges as the discipline of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

NCERT Class 9 Science Syllabus

This syllabus covers the topics about motion, gravitation, work, and energy.

Chapter 1 – Matter in Our Surroundings

Chapter 2 – Is Matter Around Us Pure

Chapter 3 – Atoms and Molecules

Chapter 4 – Structure of The Atom

Chapter 5 – The Fundamental Unit of Life

Chapter 6 – Tissues

Chapter 7 – Diversity in Living Organisms

Chapter 8 – Motion

Chapter 9 – Force and Laws of Motion

Chapter 10 – Gravitation

Chapter 11 – Work and Energy

Chapter 12 – Sound

Chapter 13 – Why Do We Fall ill

Chapter 14 – Natural Resources

Chapter 15 – Improvement in Food Resources

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 for Maths

Maths is a subject that enhances the capacity of students to solve the day-to-day problem related to calculations. It is the most common subject among all the competitive exams. In the NCERT syllabus for Class 9 Maths, NCERT also specified the time (in periods) required to study a particular topic. The syllabus can be transacted in 180 hours approximately.

Learn about polynomials, triangles, and number systems. Get introduced to Euclid’s geometry.

Chapter 1 – Number Systems

Chapter 2 – Polynomials

Chapter 3 – Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 5 – Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

Chapter 6 – Lines and Angles

Chapter 7 – Triangles

Chapter 8 – Quadrilaterals

Chapter 9 – Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Chapter 10 – Circles

Chapter 11 – Constructions

Chapter 12 – Heron’s Formula

Chapter 13 – Surface Areas and Volumes

Chapter 14 – Statistics

Chapter 15 – Probability

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 English

Build greater confidence and proficiency in oral and written communication. Develop essential language skills to question and to articulate the point of view. Use appropriate English to communicate at various levels.

Chapter 1 – The Fun They Had

Chapter 2 – The Sound of Music

Chapter 3 – The Little Girl

Chapter 4 – A Truly Beautiful Mind

Chapter 5 – The Snake and The Minor

Chapter 6 – My Childhood

Chapter 7 – Packing

Chapter 8 – Reach for the Top

Chapter 9 – The Bond of Love

Chapter 10 – Kathmandu

Chapter 11 – If I Were You

Class 9th syllabus NCERT 2022-23 History

Know about the French and Russian revolutions. Get to know Hitler, Nazism & pastoralists in the modern world

Chapter 1 – The French Revolution

Chapter 2 – Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

Chapter 3 – Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Chapter 4 – Forest Society and Colonialism

Chapter 5 – Pastoralists in the Modern World

Syllabus NCERT Class 9 Social and Political Life

Learn about democracy, electoral politics, and democratic rights. Understand the need for political institutions like the Supreme Court, The Prime Minister, and the cabinet of ministers, etc.

Chapter 1 – What is Democracy? Why Is Democracy?

Chapter 2 – Constitutional Design

Chapter 3 – Electoral Politics

Chapter 4 – Working of Institutions

Chapter 5 – Democratic Rights

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 for Economics

This subject covers many topics of poverty and related challenges, food security in India, and the importance of population as an asset for the economy.

Class 9th Syllabus NCERT 2022-23 Economics

Chapter 1 – The Story of Village Palampur

Chapter 2 – People as Resource

Chapter 3 – Poverty as a Challenge

Chapter 4 – Food Security in India

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