#MoreWithOnlineLearning It’s not just about attending online classes, but building the skill to LEARN ONLINE.

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#MoreWithOnlineLearning It’s not just about attending online classes, but building the skill to LEARN ONLINE.


It’s not just about attending online classes, but building the skill to LEARN ONLINE.

Online classes aren’t a new thing anymore. Since the pandemic hit us in 2020, they have become a rather casual term, experienced or spoken about almost every day. Virtual meeting platforms are now not limited to just official meetings, but even students, right from the Kindergarten are using these to gain knowledge, interact with teachers and learn new things.

While live online classes seem to be the nearest solution to an actual school ecosystem, where teachers and students could connect and interact on a daily basis, these alone do not complete the learning curve for a student.

In a school setup children interact with teachers in a physical environment. The body language of the teacher, their affection and actual presence all help to build a relationship that facilitates learning. Also apart from teachers, fellow classmates and seniors too have a big role to play in contributing to the overall learning experience for students. Constant interaction slowly builds the capacity to grasp from all and move ahead the learning curve.

When we talk about online live classes, the teacher is the only one who drives the learning objectives and even sets the pace of learning. In the absence of physical interaction, the relationship building takes a toss, so does the learning to a certain extent and there arises a gap in the learning process.

So my request to parents and students who are instinctively thinking about online live classes as a standalone solution, considering the situation and the limitation that the pandemic has put us through, is not to let the gap go unnoticed.

While building Geneo and developing online content for students from class 6 to 10, we interacted with thousands of students to understand their learning requirements and have tried to map their learning curve online. 

A student integrates well with studies when he or she understands that they are studying in their own style of learning and the process is not forced upon them. With Geneo, Online Learning Platform, students get the option to choose between Self-paced learning, AI guided learning and Teacher led learning. They can explore all these modes of learning and in the process develop skills to learn online. They get to know how to approach a new topic, grasp it, learn it and thus build confidence in self and their learning outcomes.

So Geneo focuses to build online learning skills in students through features like digitised textbooks, personalised mentor support, AI enabled learning, Reading assistant, Practice engine and question papers.  Also considering Online education is here to stay, Geneo as a study buddy is inclined to build online learners. 

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