How to get CBSE study material and NCERT videos for class 9?

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How to get CBSE study material and NCERT videos for class 9?

Secondary Education (Grades 9 to 10) is an important stage in a student’s life. It is a time when their schooling experience witnesses a rapid change in the level of studies. An upward shift in the introduction of new concepts and subjects, results in an overall increase in the level of difficulty of studies that students need to cope up with. 

Since regular school classrooms have their own set of limitations, students often need authentic and relevant educational resources to complement their learning at school. While multiple options like supplementary books, tuitions and random online tools exist, most of these are either incomplete or unverified. 

Specifically class 9 prepares students for their first board examination in the subsequent year (future class 10). CBSE study material for class 9 focuses on the learning needs of students in this age group poised to enter into this new phase of their education. Across the entire school curriculum, perhaps grade 9 is when it begins to get extremely demanding for children, because now all of a sudden they need to have better clarity in terms of what stream and subjects they want to choose for schooling in higher grades and while doing so they also need to keep up with the fast paced curriculum at school. 

Considering this growing demand for children to find a parallel support framework to help boost their academic understanding and performance, online learning solutions like Geneo add great value.

Geneo is an intuitive digital learning platform for simple and smart learning. It brings together deep learning pedagogy and cutting edge technology enabling every student to become a better learner and make his/her learning experience more satisfying and complete. To give students extended learning support that complements their learning at school based on CBSE study material for class 9, Geneo offers a range of learning content which is directly based on the CBSE Class 9 course curriculum and mapped subject and chapter wise to the NCERT class textbooks. As a result it becomes really easy for students to revise and further dive-into concepts they keep learning at school on a day-to-day basis. Geneo offers the following study material for class 9.

Digitized Textbooks – digitized version of NCERT textbooks for easy access & valued-added features

Learning Videos – Animated & Teacher-led NCERT videos for class 9 explaining concepts in a easy-to-learn manner with relevant examples

Practice – Quizzes along with each chapter for Science, Maths and English to aid revision and self evaluation

Subjects covered include –

Science, Maths, English, History, Geography, Social and Political Life & Economics.

Further students can benefit with Live Classes – online teacher-led sessions explaining important topics effectively which help to clarify doubts and queries in real time.

So for instance if a class 9 student wants to learn about ‘Force and Laws of Motion’, he or she simply need to login to their Geneo account, then choose Science as the subject and select the relevant chapter. Straightaway they will be taken to their personalized dashboard with the chapter page highlighted. They can read through the pages, highlight or underline important portions, make notes etc; using the dashboard tools. Once they complete the chapter they can view NCERT videos for class 9 to further clarify concepts and get a firm grasp on the particular concept. Also they can use the apply and revise sections to test their knowledge. Finally when confident they can take assessments to evaluate their learning. 

Likewise, learning tools like Geneo prove to be really useful as they provide relevant and curated study material all in one place in an organized and easy to access manner along with many value added tools and functionalities to make studies easier and more rewarding.

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