How Geneo helped students manage the time and score well?

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How Geneo helped students manage the time and score well?

How Geneo helped students manage the time and score well

In today’s modern age, it’s normal for students to have several commitments. They could be required to set their own schedules for homework, online tuition, screen time, sports or music classes. Absences from school or a learning platform may be upsetting for both parents and kids. Parents may worry about how well your child is doing academically and how their absences could affect their long-term health, happiness, and prospects. As a youngster, you could have been concerned about failing to complete assignments for school, skipping a favourite activity, or losing friends.

The secret to academic achievement is time management. You need to develop superior time management skills if you want to finish all of your offline and online classes, assignments, and tests. It is never too late to start learning about time management, regardless of age. In actuality, developing time management skills is an essential aspect of maturing. Knowing how to manage your time can help you accomplish your objectives, realise your full potential, and enjoy life.

The timetable is an important aspect of time management

The timetable only serves as a roadmap for your daily activities. You must take the essential actions to guarantee that you truly adhere to the timetable in order for it to function. To attain the best outcome with the least amount of effort, this entails giving each lesson on the plan enough time.

Let’s explore some ways in which online education benefits students’ ability to manage their time. These youngsters study more independently. To communicate, listen, and learn from one another, students are continuously engaging with their classmates. Like the NCERT solutions based GENEO app, the online learning app provide a great deal of freedom. You can view the videos repeatedly until you feel comfortable learning at your own speed.

Given below are three advantages of online learning platform:

1. With online learning, children can manage their absences

Online learning platform is a great way for students to stay on top of their studies, even when they have to miss a class. With online classes, you can learn anytime, anywhere, and catch up on missed lessons quickly and easily.

In online tuition, at the end of each lesson, there are processes in place within school administration systems to inform students of missed lessons. For example, if a student was absent, a message will be sent to their mobile phone or email address notifying them of any missed lessons. This process is known as remote lesson notifications.

When students miss school, their parents worry about their child falling behind. But with GENEO, your child can catch up on missed sessions using the app’s platform. This ensures they receive an ongoing education without any learning gaps.

2. Ensuring better time allocation to various topics

Students who have a complete awareness of their current learning progress can plan to utilize their time efficiently. Online classes help students to be completely aware of their current learning at all times.

Online learning app offers you the ability to evaluate students in a number of different ways. Whether you are assessing their mastery of a particular subject or simply keeping track of their overall progress, online tests offer a variety of useful features that can improve your overall assessment strategy. In addition, online learning platform also allows students to assess their own strengths and shortcomings and to study the courses accordingly.

3. Encouraging students to meet their deadlines

Whether it’s a regular school term or a summer vacation, time management is essential to keep track of time, deadlines, and tasks. If a student is constantly late with assignments or has trouble following their teacher’s instructions, it might be because they don’t understand what is expected of them. Schools can use online learning app to give term papers, projects, and tasks with specified deadlines. Students can then plan ahead and adjust their online tuition schedule as needed to make sure they meet all deadlines.

With the GENEO App, students can complete homework and other assignments on time. The tool allows them to keep their studies organized, complete tasks electronically, and submit work for review. The GENEO App is an NCERT based free online learning & teaching platform for students from Class 5 to Class 10.

Enjoy study-life balance with Geneo’s NCERT solutions

Geneo makes the learning individualised. Each student can learn at his/her own pace, revisit topics With Geneo, students can get a complete understanding of concepts and benefit from the AI powered Learning Assistant. They can learn anytime and anywhere they have access to a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The content in Geneo is mapped chapter wise to NCERT solutions & CBSE textbooks, so whatever students learn at school, they are able to re-learn with Geneo. In addition, at every stage of learning with Geneo, students get access to subject experts for clarifying their doubts and guiding them to get the most out of their learning journey.

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