Geneo Collaborates With HackerKid To Provide Coding Skills To Its Students


Geneo Collaborates With HackerKid To Provide Coding Skills To Its Students

Ask us how innovation & technology can add value to the education system. And our answer is Geneo!

Agreed that online learning has opened tough challenges, but it comes gifted with exciting possibilities. With an upper hand on the extensive opportunities of the online education system, the unique proposition of Geneo stands tall benefitting millions of students nationwide.

Geneo in a nutshell!

Geneo is a smart online platform that makes anywhere, anytime learning efficient. It lays down a productive way for a blended approach to teaching-learning. The live classes, along with recorded teaching sessions of Geneo, propose personalized learning options to students, helping them decide on their unique learning paths.

Putting it straight, Geneo is an NCERT & CBSE based online learning & teaching platform for classes 5 – 10. Imparting a stronger conceptual foundation in students is its goal.  With simple, interactive, portable, immersive, technology-driven and need-based solutions, Geneo delivers programmes that have a direct impact on learning and thereby groom both thinkers and leaders.

Taking a leap in advanced technology-driven education, Geneo has joined hands with HackerKid to bring future-ready gamified and fun-filled educational content to the students. Students can now learn coding via a kid-friendly platform alongside all the cutting-edge technologies.

What is HackerKID? And how will your kid benefit from it?

When we say a gamified coding platform, many bells ring at once. Let us dig deep and understand this platform better. HackerKID is a geeky innovation, a platform that emerged from the thoughtful knowledge-sharing process. HackerKID is a GUVI product that delivers its vision of imparting coding skills to one and all, which in this case happens to be children from classes 6-12th.

This innovative and interactive medium is a self-paced environment, specially curated for kids introducing the most contemporary technologies in a challenging space. With competitive games and certifications with perks & rewards, HackerKID helps kids learn to code in a smooth and absolutely hassle-free methodology.

The mindful introduction of coding in Geneo!

The idea of presenting coding in Geneo is to make the young generation technology-ready for the future and innovative in their skin. Students enrolling with Geneo will have direct access to the HackerKid platform. Via this collaborative association, kids will be able to master coding and grab the latest and most trending technology developments inclusive of (and not limited to) block coding, HTML, CSS, Python, and many more.

If you already know Geneo, you might distinctively understand that Geneo uses audio-visual aids and interactive tools like animations, videos and fun exercises to make learning easy and engaging. Their digitized textbooks, AI-enabled guided learning assistant, Math practice engine, personalized mentor support, and more prove that the platform is specifically designed keeping in mind the learning needs of students.

This brilliant collaboration is expected to add to the versatility and completeness!

How can students benefit from HackerKID via Geneo?

Once a student logs in to Geneo, he/she can select Coding under subjects. A click on Coding would ferry them to this exciting world of coding out there. Then students can explore the platform and learn coding with a simple block-based methodology.

We know you are intrigued! Students find glued to this gamified platform just the way they do to their compelling games. The exciting and challenging game levels impart essential coding and technology skills without even making them realize that they are learning in the process!

Check this video link for more details.

Exploring the EdTechs’ one step further!

Geneo, as you might already know, is a digital initiative of Schoolnet India Ltd. Schoolnet India Limited is one of India’s largest EdTech companies, empowering learners by democratizing education, employability, and employment.  It offers customized learning solutions designed to cater to the needs of students, teachers, educators, parents and communities to improve learning outcomes and the educational ecosystem comprehensively.

Over a short span of 2 decades, Schoolnet India Ltd. has empowered millions of students, teachers and youth across the country, spanning education, skill development and employability. Standing by their belief and a globally expected fact that digital education is the future of learning, its Geneo platform has emerged as an online study buddy.

Now roping in GUVI’s HackerKID, the spectrum of learning is amplified with manifold potential. 

As an organization, Guvi focuses on pedagogical tools to simplify skilling for every learner through their platform, mentors, and community. GUVI is a platform made by Geeks, with the Geeks for the Geeks! Yes, you will find all the advanced technology and programming imbibed in the state-of-the-art course programs with GUVI. GUVI is an IIT-M incubated vernacular learning platform that aims to deliver the abreast technology education put forth in the most simplistic capsulated courses.

GUVI’s Hackerkid learning platform is a byproduct that extends this vision! HackerKID is developed by techies at GUVI, particularly for K-12 students. The all-in-all technology-based curriculum gels well with the current school education structure.

Let’s call it a wrap!

We are thrilled to see these educational platforms budding up with unlimited possibilities. Students should give this platform a definite try and keep themselves up for technology advancements! Coding is an integral part of the education system today, and no matter what, one can not skip learning it. So, better learn it in the simplest way!

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