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My kids used this app & they just love it…

Suvarna (Mumbai)

I use Geneo regularly after school. It helps me understand concepts and is very simple to use

Raunak (Delhi)

This is the best app I have ever used. It’s very easy to study using GENEO and the videos and exploriments are very useful and handy

Ayra (Navi Mumbai)

My parents encourage me to learn with Geneo. It is so simple to use that learning is really fun

Sampada (Delhi)

Students will benefit from round the clock Mentor support available in Geneo

Pradip (Kolkata)

Geneo makes learning simple. I can use it anywhere, anytime

Yashasvini (Delhi)

An educator loves to look at things differently and is constantly researching, building and implementing new ways to educate children. Geneo represents the ideal educator

Likhit (Kolkata)

Geneo is a smart learning application for students to utilise their after school hours. It provides them videos and exploriments, as well as Mentor support.

Subhendu (Kolkata)

Geneo is excellent for students to improve their conceptual clarity. Geneo also satiates their curiosity by augmenting the textbook with videos, Exploriments and Mentor Support

Pradip (Kolkata)

Geneo is very useful and helpful for me

Priyanshu (Kolkata)

The big advantage with Geneo as a learning platform is having subject experts, ready to answer queries & doubts

Pullaguru (Kolkata)

Geneo is a dream come true for students who are too shy to interact in their class. Geneo gives them an opportunity to clear their doubts and helps them be more confident and succeed academically

Archana (Kolkata)

I find Geneo very interesting and useful

Akriti (Kolkata)

Geneo boosts the ability of students to learn by themselves when they are out of a formal academic setup like a school. It will make students more confident and help them succeed in a competitive environment

Srijani (Kolkata)

I noticed that my daughter is able to grasp concepts from her textbook faster when she uses Geneo on our tab. Her learning has really improved

Amit (Navi Mumbai)

The best feature of Geneo is the videos. When knowledge is given in a video format, it's innovative and easy to understand

Shristhi (Delhi)

Geneo is very helpful for self learning

Shreyan (Kolkata)

I enjoy learning through Geneo

Himanshu (Kolkata)

Students will benefit from round the clock Mentor support available in Geneo

Pradip (Kolkata)

I like the videos for each chapter. They helped me understand better. The tests are simple and I can take them till I am confident

Nidhi (Mumbai)

Geneo is a personalised, student-focussed learning platform. It can be really useful for every student

Arka-Prava (Kolkata)

Geneo assessments are good & gives us opportunity to test ourselves

Karan (Delhi)