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  • Avanti

    Avanti has the best teaching methods with classroom technology to deliver effective Science and Mathematics education. They have been recognized by national and international organizations and featured in the news media including awards by Ashoka, Echoing Green, and Forbes 30 under 30 and Pan IIT Alumni.

    What Avanti brings to GENEO!

    Avanti comes in with 300+ hours of HD videos for Science and Maths that are 6-8 minutes long. Every concept from the NCERT books is explained with the help of animations and practical experiments. These videos are mapped to each page of the NCERT book in Geneo to make learning fun and interesting for the students.

  • LabInApp

    LabInApp provides 3D, interactive virtual laboratory tool that focuses on a heuristic approach of understanding science. Its platform is built on real time computer graphics technology which helps students & teachers to interact, visualize and explore science.

    What LabinApp brings to GENEO!

    These 3-D models are loaded in Geneo that enables the students and teachers to perform science experiments on computers or mobile devices and eliminates the physical barriers of an actual laboratory

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy offers practice exercises and instructional videos that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

    What Khan Academy brings to GENEO!

    These resources are curated and mapped to NCERT syllabus on Geneo which helps the students to have a clear understanding of the concept by relating it to the real world which will help to develop a practical knowledge.

  • English Helper

    English Helper is a social enterprise committed to using technology to enable people from across the world to achieve their desired level of English proficiency.

    What English Helper brings to GENEO!

    Their ReadToMe technology has been integrated within Geneo for English NCERT syllabus. This technology helps learners learn English in an interactive yet simple manner wherein the screen reads aloud along with a host of tools to support.