Steps to Learn CBSE Class 10 English For Boards

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Steps to Learn CBSE Class 10 English For Boards

Steps to Learn CBSE Class 10 English For Boards

In this modern world where almost everyone communicates in English, it is important for students to be well versed in the language. It is necessary for students to have a strong command so they can perform better in their professional careers.

Another benefit of English is that it is a scoring subject in class 10 board exams. Meaning, it is easy to get maximum marks in this subject. Those who want good grades in their boards can learn CBSE class 10 English to ace their exams!

So, if you want to perform at your peak during your board exams, use these steps:

  1. Challenge yourself – Every time you give an exam, even if it is a normal school exam, try to challenge yourself. If you got 70 out of 100 in your last exam, try to get 80 in the next one. Your goal should not be to compete with other students; but rather, with yourself.
  • Stick to yourself – Your school textbooks and NCERT solutions are enough for you to score great marks in your class 10 exams. The key to your success in any exam is your syllabus. Drop the reference books!
  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths – Try to think of whatever weaknesses you may have in English. Do you mess up grammar sometimes? Have a difficult time writing essays? Do not know the difference between past and present participles? Then focus on those areas. Practice them so well that they become your strengths!
  • Learn time management – Before you give your board exams, it is important for you to learn time management skills. Solve practice papers at home with a timer. This will help you get a better understanding of which section of the paper is taking up the most of your time.
  • Take English seriously – Many students end up prioritizing other subjects such as Science and Math. And while they are important, English is not meant to be taken any less seriously. Because so many students do not take this subject seriously, they end up facing a large drop in marks.

To learn CBSE class 10 English as well as implement is a huge asset when it comes to a student’s future education and career. If you want to learn CBSE class subjects online, Geneo is the perfect online learning site for class 10! Geneo offers live classes, training material, AI lectures, etc. so you can excel in your studies! 

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